Eclipse gtek 170r black online


Take part in the mechanical 170r experience! Enjoy the styling and mechanical performance of the popular 170r.

Go to the field or the forest and play with a state-of-the-art mechanical marker. Eclipse gtek 170r black was an instant success.

Its bulletproof reliability, smooth, consistent, quiet shooting and ability to engage even the most delicate target in any condition, climate or temperature are a testament to the superior engineering and thought that went into its design and manufacture.

Gtek m170r offers great performance and feel but with the mechanical and classic paintball revolution in full swing, it’s time to sprinkle some old school style on this latest platform. Introducing the all new m170r it price of $895.95 USD.

 m170r retains all the basic features of the gtek 170r.

5-inch shaft 5 cylinder is standard, as is a new low-mount intake tube and tubeless front clutch. The handles can also be accessed with a tool-free locking mechanism to make maintenance as quick and easy as possible.

But the m170r is different from the fire brigade. Designed specifically to meet the latest classic format regulations, the m170r is built around a fully mechanical single-trigger body assembly. Every new trigger has 3 adjustment points for trigger point, recoil and spring return force.


New channel trigger is bridged, instant adjustable and ball central.


It has dual roller bearings in the exhaust joint and the pushrod uses a secondary set of linear bearings in a custom housing that operates the 3-way assembly.

The result is an incredibly smooth and infinitely adjustable trigger mechanism that uses a purely pneumatic 3-way and powerful transmission. There is nothing to throw away.

Nothing to spend. Only high performance bulletproof system.

But it’s the wide range of gamma cores that really makes the m170r sing. When the trigger is pressed and the 3-way gear begins to shift, the transmission’s fully pneumatic timing takes over the our all paintball marker on Eastcoastpaintball.

The ball is chambered, fired and the bolt returned, all completely independent of trigger position. Each stroke is identical to the last Eclipse gtek 170r black.

The result is a longer reload time and less chance of crushing or breaking the ball, and a more consistent rate of fire.

The m170r offers something for every player and every style, whether it’s the low recoil that keeps your sights on point and target, shot after shot, or the silent beep that keeps you hidden from the enemy as you walk through the undergrowth. Fear it intends to become the mechanical signature of every player, no matter in which level they compete.

The gtek m170r has it all.

Features tubeless air transfer system slide valve operation gamma core drivetrain free bolt removal custom mechanical 3-way aluminum construction 3-way adjustable valve trigger 135psi operating pressure relief lockout low lever operated feed tube patented deftek feed system integrated sl6 in-line external speed ​​control adjustment 1

5″ two piece barrel – cocker threads pops asa rotating rubber grip operates on compressed air only

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